Summer Vacation

We are one day into our summer vacation and I am already getting the (I am bored) With the face. These little Monsters expect me to stand on my head and entertain them all day mind you they are 14,13,and 7 mostly self sufficient. I say mostly because are they ever self sufficient? I do all the cooking cleaning and laundry everything a good mom maid dose. I was a good mom and set up a summer schedule with equal amounts of summer work, reading, fun outside, chores, and screen time and they are still bored. Basically what I am trying to say how do I get my school district to implement year round school? (J/k) when I was a kid I spent my summers outside all day everyday in a pool, riding my bike, playing with friends and as I got older it was still the same but instead of playing with friends we just hung out. The kids in this day and age have to be entertained all day or have a screen in front of them. How do we change this?

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