Planning Vacation

I am starting to plan another family vacation. Don’t get me wrong I love vacation there is just so much work involved. I try to plan everything . I think that is what gets me into trouble because I put way to much expectation into the trip. Little side note (I have a medical complex special needs child) so to start out I have a lot to think about when planning a trip. I have to worry about Dr’s notes meds feeding supplies wheelchair sensory bag charges and all that is on top of normal stuff everyone packs. I also have to call hotels and attractions before we go to ask about handicap accessibility accommodations bag policy outside food policy. I also have to plan for the drive because my son can not fly. By the time I get the whole thing planned I need a vacation from planning. Sometimes I think it will just be easier to stay home but then I remember how much fun everyone has and all the amazing stories they have to tell. So that makes it all worth it!!! #momlife #vacation #disneyworld #planning #specialneedsmom #family #familyvacation

The picture is from our vacation to Disney last year.

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