What do you do when?

What do you do when the Dr tells you they don’t know what is wrong with your child. Back story my son has had what the Dr call a million dollar work up not once but twice. He has many different symptoms. (which I will not go into) We are at the time in this whole process we hoped we would never have to deal with. We were told at our last appointment there is nothing more they can test for and we just have to treat the symptoms. That has become an even bigger processes because they have no idea how to treat the symptoms. I would not wish this process on anyone. This has been the most stressful thing we have had to deal with. I am watching my son have to deal with way more then a kid his age should ever have to deal with. I would do anything to take it all away. #motherslove #what #why #love #parenting #unknown #grayarea #specialneedsmom #specialneeds