Back to school

My little monsters started back to school last week. It was not the un eventful start to school that we had hoped for. My freshman monster got lost and was late to all his classes. My middle monster had a great first week. ( she is my easiest monster she goes with the flow) My youngest monster had an awful start to school. The school nurse refused to feed him. (through his G tube) she had orders from the Dr but still refused because they didn’t have specific times. The Dr orders were the same orders from the year before word for word. That started my endless phone call marathon to Drs and her (the school nurse). After two days of about 20 phone calls she still refused. My next phone call was coming to the student service person for our school district. She was helpful but restricted in what she could do to help because she was not the nurse. This continued for 5 days. Finally after countless phone calls, phone meeting with my little monster medical team and a weekend with sickness (from not being feed) she finally feeds him. He got off the bus and said “mommy I got feed at school thank god” his exact words This is the things that having a medically complex child people will never understand. So with all that said I hope the rest of the school year is uneventful. #firstweekofschool #specialneedsmom

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