My oldest Monster

I have no idea how to start this post. I have talked to my son before I posted this. My son came to my husband and I a couple of months ago with this scared look on his face like I have never seen. He looked like he was going to throw up he lost all the color in his face He said “I have to talk to you guys about something” my husband and I looked at each other (with a oh great what did he do know look) He was shaking. I said calm down take a min pull yourself together and just tell us whatever it is we will get through it. He then said “Mom Dad I AM GAY” My husband and I both said at the same time “we know we were just waiting for you to tell us” he said “ really” I said “yes I have know for a long time. I then said I love you how do you feel now?” He said “mom I feel so much better.”I then said good “I am glad” I was so very proud of him! He then went on with his day. My husband and I had a talk that night. (Side note my husband was raised very different the I was he family is very old school and have a don’t ask don’t tell kind of thing going on.) he said to me I my not expect what he is but he is my son so I love him. He then said my family is going to have a problem with this. ( his older brother is in the military and father is very very old school his mother is very opinionated) I said I don’t care how they feel about it I just hope they never let him feel less then because he is who he is. He is going to deal with enough hate from the rest of the world. I have so many questions? How do you have the sex talk with him? How do you help him deal with the hate? How do I handle hate that he will get from family? How do we handle prom, marriage, having a family? He wants to join the Air Force what will happen with that? He is only a freshman in high school he has many years ahead of him. I am just so scared of the world and hate that he is going to deal with. I am scared that me loving and excepting him is not going to be enough. What do I do? On another note my daughter is going to kill anyone who try’s to show him hate she is amazing. I believe that she was meant to be his sister. They my fight like they hate each other but she is amazing when it comes to people showing hate. (She wants to become a lawyer to fight against hate and bullying she wants to change the world and I believe 100% she will because she is a determined little girl)

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