Trying to Teach

I am trying to teach my Daughter to be a strong confident women. In today’s world it is very hard because there are so many people in the world who are against strong confident women. People think that strong confident women are Bit**. I have always told my daughter she can do or be anything she wants. It seams like everyday she is coming home telling me about how girls at school are putting her down or talking about other girls. I understand this is something that happens. I want my daughter to lift up and empower others girls. How do I teacher her that? How do I explain I know all the other girls do one thing and I know that you want to fit in but you are better then that? Why don’t we have something implemented in schools to teach these kids to be better people? I know easier said then done. I also understand that we have to start at home but there is only so much I can teach. Our children are always going to act different when they are around there friends. Peer pressure is a real thing or the want and need to fit in. I guess I just have keep teaching and hoping for the best.

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