Social Distancing With my Little Monsters!!!!

We are in this for the long hall school is now home school for the rest of the school year. Everything is changing and becoming the new normal face mask to got out, food shopping online curb side pick up to eat out, missing family events and huge milestones. The new normal of feeling isolated and alone. I am worried about what this is doing to people and their mental health. I see family on video chat and worry are they ok. I am worried about my middle monster who thrives in social aspects of life. I see her talk to her friend and talk about how things used to be I see her missing things like 8th grade graduation, dances, birthday party, movies mall trips, softball, and end of year trips with friends. I am worried about what the is doing to her self-esteem. I am worried will this have a lasting effect on her.

Co-Parenting with little Monsters

The 2 oldest Monsters are from a young stupid relationship. (Which I would not trade for anything in the world because that stupid relationship gave me my 2 amazing monsters just to be clear) I have been working and fighting to have a good co-parenting relationship with their dad. Over the last 15yrs I have let a lot go and have been dealing with way more then I should have (I am not going to go in to detail because I don’t want my kids to get hurt if they ever read this) but I don’t ever want my Monsters to say you didn’t try. This past weekend I asked him to step up and take them more and spend more time with his kids he said I know. I asked him to take them all of next weekend his wife said Saturday is the only day we get to spend with each other. My question is how do I get him to spend more time with his kids? How do I do what is best for my little monsters? what is best for my little monsters in this situation? Why don’t they write a hand book on Co-Parenting with an ex that could give two shits?

Dr Visit During Pandemic With My Littlest Monster!!!!!

Today started like any other day with some unknown things to happen we had a scheduled Dr visit for my littlest Monster. (His Dr visit in a children’s hospital because of his complex medical history) How do you plan for a Dr visit during a pandemic? I started with packing his emergency overnight bag (just incase) when we schedule this Visit we were told to wear a mask and only one parent would be allowed in. The drive to the hospital normally takes up to 2 hrs depending on time of day or traffic. This drive took only 45 mins. When we arrived we had to do a pre arrival screening at the door then 3 more at check points. (LOL) I was asked the same 4 questions 4 time I understand why but it seams a little excessive. When we finally made it to the floor were the Dr office is we did our pre visit hight and weight then put right into a room right away. We were the only ones in the office which is a very different experience in itself. This is a very busy hospital on regular days the office is normally very busy too. On other visit we have had to wait for up to an hour to see the nurse then even longer to see the Dr. This whole experience was a crazy one to see a normally very busy hospital with hundreds of people rushing through at any given time of the day so slow is just scary because this is what we have come to with this pandemic. I wonder will we ever get back to the hustle of life will things ever but that busy again? Will we always be wearing masks and go through per visit screenings? My littlest Monster commented on them lack of people too he even made me take some pictures to show his dad “how crazy this is” his words. I am going to leave the pictures

This street is normally a very busy one
Very busy bridge from hospital to parking😀
Us in a normally very packed elevator😷😷

Determination Pays Off!!!!!!

My middle Monster has been working very hard to get into a private high school. Here is a little back story. She came to us and said “I want to do something” we said “ok” She then told us ” I want to got to a private high school” then presented us with all the information. She did all the research she found the school she wanted to go to. She looked up the application process, scholarship, finical aide, and everything else she needed. She then explained why she want to go to the school. She had a little presentation for us. She explained that she was not learning in her current School and didn’t think it would be any better at the local high school. She told us that she wanted to achieve something great and get in to a good collage she didn’t think the local high school could help her get there. (we don’t not have a problem with public school we have 2 other monsters in public school this is just how she felt) We then started the process of applying she wrote the essay we filled out at the paperwork explored the school and the curriculum, talked to teacher, students, and parents. My husband and I feel in love with the school. We finished everything and waited for what seemed like forever. We received the email SHE DID IT. She got ACCEPTED. She is going places she is a very good example of determination paying off!!!!!!!!!!

Look out World she is coming to conquer you!!!!!!!!

New Years Resolutions

I started this year off like almost everyone I want to loose weight be a better person love more read more all of theses things. This year I made a hard resolution for myself believe me I know how easy this is going to sound to most people but when you are a stay at home mom this is hard to do. I made the resolution to get dressed do my makeup and hair everyday no matter what. Today I am 13 days 2 colds sick kids home flu going around and I have been doing it. Every day since Jan 1 2020 I dressed and I have done simply makeup and hair. I get that this seams easy and some are thinking OMG she is a lazy slob. when you are a stay at home mom and a 1 car family you can get into ruts last year most days I put my youngest monster on the bus in my pjs most days I had no reason to get dressed where was I going what was I doing. When I think back to last year this my be the reason why I was unhappy with myself. SO this year I made a promise to myself that I would take better care of myself. I wanted to do this for myself. My little monsters and husband have told me that they noticed a difference they said I seem happier!!!

New Family Tradition!!!!!

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This year our family made a choice to have our holiday in a hotel. My husband and I talked about this for a long time before we decided. My husband works very hard all year and does not spend very much time with us. Our 2 oldest monster are from my previous relationship that we have to split our holidays with their dad. This year was our year so that made the choice that much easier. We wanted to have a family holiday uninterrupted. Don’t get me wrong we love our family but we also wanted to be a little selfish and spend time with just us and our little monsters. When we talked to the little monsters they love the idea. The little monster were very excited to plan everything from where we were going to stay to what we were going to do. Watching them get so excited about getting to have time with us and daddy not working is worth every penny and all the crap family has given us. To be continued!!!!!!!!!!

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Date Night continued

We went on the Date but did we really? We went to pick up stuff for the kids and to dinner and talked but we talked about the kids. What we had coming up the kids schedules the start of school. All we could have done at home. I am worried that we forget how to communicate as a married couple. We talk about money, kids, household things, and his job. When you get married and have kids is that all you ever talk about? On our date we talked about our date next month. We decided to try something different we are going to do something fun. We talked about going to an adult arcade and we agreed not to talk about the kids. We also agreed that when we go on our once a month Dates to try new things and talk not talk about the kids. I hope that we can do it? I hope that we learn how to be married couple. Do you think it will work out? Can a married couple fall in love all over again? Can two OLD (lol) people learn to have fun again? Can we also learn to communicate again? Here to hoping this all works out because I am not ready to give up on us.


The camping trip was amazing and hard all at the same time. Being disconnected from social media was amazing. I learned that as a family we need to make an effort to disconnect for at least one night a week if not more. I loved that I could sit a read a book. The hard part was that my special needs son had a very hard time with sensory overload. That was very hard to deal with but we made it. The kids had a great time enjoyed being outside seeing new things learning new things. They complained only the first day about being disconnected. We all made amazing memories I can’t wait to do it all again bad times and all because we learned from this trip. Here are some pictures from our trip

Is this a thing???

Is mom frump a thing? I am a stay at home mom. Most day I don’t get dressed I know that sounds awful but most days I don’t leave the house (our family has 1 car and my husband works an hr away so he takes the car and that is what works for our family) I feel like I have no reason to get dressed but I am not sure if that is contributing to my Mom frump. How do I help this?? #momfrump #momlife #stayathomemom

What do you do when?

What do you do when the Dr tells you they don’t know what is wrong with your child. Back story my son has had what the Dr call a million dollar work up not once but twice. He has many different symptoms. (which I will not go into) We are at the time in this whole process we hoped we would never have to deal with. We were told at our last appointment there is nothing more they can test for and we just have to treat the symptoms. That has become an even bigger processes because they have no idea how to treat the symptoms. I would not wish this process on anyone. This has been the most stressful thing we have had to deal with. I am watching my son have to deal with way more then a kid his age should ever have to deal with. I would do anything to take it all away. #motherslove #what #why #love #parenting #unknown #grayarea #specialneedsmom #specialneeds