New Years Resolutions

I started this year off like almost everyone I want to loose weight be a better person love more read more all of theses things. This year I made a hard resolution for myself believe me I know how easy this is going to sound to most people but when you are a stay at home mom this is hard to do. I made the resolution to get dressed do my makeup and hair everyday no matter what. Today I am 13 days 2 colds sick kids home flu going around and I have been doing it. Every day since Jan 1 2020 I dressed and I have done simply makeup and hair. I get that this seams easy and some are thinking OMG she is a lazy slob. when you are a stay at home mom and a 1 car family you can get into ruts last year most days I put my youngest monster on the bus in my pjs most days I had no reason to get dressed where was I going what was I doing. When I think back to last year this my be the reason why I was unhappy with myself. SO this year I made a promise to myself that I would take better care of myself. I wanted to do this for myself. My little monsters and husband have told me that they noticed a difference they said I seem happier!!!

New Year New Life

I know this sound so cliché. This year I am choosing to do and be better!!!!!! I want to make small achievable goals because I have learned that when you make large unachievable goals you set yourself up to FAIL. This also sets you up to hate yourself!! I like everyone else want better. I want to be a better wife, mother to those amazing monsters, sister, and just to be a better ME because without choosing me I can’t be better at theses other things.


New Family Traditions Continued!!!

Our new family tradition was an amazing idea. The little monsters loved every second of it. They loved swimming on Christmas morning. My husband and I loved that we could stop and enjoy “our family time.” I loved that we had no expectations. I loved that I could enjoy watching my little monsters open there gifts and enjoy without having to go anywhere. We enjoyed that there was no rushing around anywhere. The little monsters loved that there didn’t have to get all dressed up. I loved that I didn’t have to play fake nice. I loved that I didn’t have to rush around anywhere. I know that the holiday season is about being with family but when did it become a game of playing fake nice and who’s kids are better or who spent the most money? I enjoy my family most of the time but I just wanted to enjoy my holiday with “my family” is that wrong? Why and when did family time become like having a job? My husband and I agreed that this will be something we do as a new tradition.

New Family Tradition!!!!!

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This year our family made a choice to have our holiday in a hotel. My husband and I talked about this for a long time before we decided. My husband works very hard all year and does not spend very much time with us. Our 2 oldest monster are from my previous relationship that we have to split our holidays with their dad. This year was our year so that made the choice that much easier. We wanted to have a family holiday uninterrupted. Don’t get me wrong we love our family but we also wanted to be a little selfish and spend time with just us and our little monsters. When we talked to the little monsters they love the idea. The little monster were very excited to plan everything from where we were going to stay to what we were going to do. Watching them get so excited about getting to have time with us and daddy not working is worth every penny and all the crap family has given us. To be continued!!!!!!!!!!

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Holiday shopping!!!!!

I finished my Christmas shopping for my family about a week ago. I have wrapped it all. I feel very accomplished this year because in the past I was the person who braved the stores on Christmas Eve. I was very excited this year I had the kids do the lists early I started shopping but this year I feel very disconnected I feel like something is missing. I feel like the last min shopping and wrapping is a tradition. I enjoy everything about Christmas mostly because when I was little I never had a good Christmas and as a mother and wife I personally get to make sure they have an amazing Christmas The gift giving and shopping is the best part to me because even know Santa gets most of the credit I get to see there smiling faces and the pure joy they get from getting that one gift they wanted most. I think it means that much more to me because I never got to feel that joy.

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Winter bucket list!!!

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I know that there are a lot of these going around everyone is making them. I wanted to make one a little different. I want to make a bucket list for my family to give back this holiday season and for us to find ways for us to spend more time as a family. I want our family time to be disconnected.(meaning with electronics and social media) I also want our family to learn the really meaning of the holidays.

Family winter bucket list!!!!

  • Play in the snow ❄️
  • Build a snowman☃️
  • Enjoy a movie at least 1 night a week 📼🎅🏼
  • Buy gifts to donate🎁
  • Visit a wishing tree and fulfill some wishes
  • Do something nice for someone else
  • Bake some cookies for the fire department
  • Make new memories
  • Play board games
  • Enjoy some hot chocolate
  • Read some Christmas books📚
  • Dance to some Christmas music🎶🎵🎄🎅🏼
  • Be a secret Santa to a neighbor🎅🏼
  • Decorate the Christmas tree 🎄
  • Bake or make a fun new meal together
  • Ride around and look at Christmas lights
  • Take family Pictures📸
  • Enjoy spending time together

I hope that as a family we can learn some new things. I hope we can learn more about each other. Most of all I hope my family reconnects. In the times that we are living in with so much on social media and everything geared around electronics I think we forget how to communicate. When did society forget how to have real conversations? How do we get back to really talking? I don’t want my little monsters to think this is how life should be. I want my family to have Holidays like when I was a kid with lots of family, yelling, fighting over who had the best gingerbread house or who gave the best gift. I want my Monsters to enjoy the holidays in real time not later when they look at there phones.

Trying to Teach

I am trying to teach my Daughter to be a strong confident women. In today’s world it is very hard because there are so many people in the world who are against strong confident women. People think that strong confident women are Bit**. I have always told my daughter she can do or be anything she wants. It seams like everyday she is coming home telling me about how girls at school are putting her down or talking about other girls. I understand this is something that happens. I want my daughter to lift up and empower others girls. How do I teacher her that? How do I explain I know all the other girls do one thing and I know that you want to fit in but you are better then that? Why don’t we have something implemented in schools to teach these kids to be better people? I know easier said then done. I also understand that we have to start at home but there is only so much I can teach. Our children are always going to act different when they are around there friends. Peer pressure is a real thing or the want and need to fit in. I guess I just have keep teaching and hoping for the best.

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